Our services

Our services

Multitude of individualized servicesserveis_1

To make their projects a reality, PROTUGRA S.L. strives that housing construction will become your home: you benefit from comprehensive advice and a broad range of services with full warranty designed to suit your needs. We will help you plan your success.
Our services

Economic proposal based on detailed analysis of the project, either new or renovated building and in accordance with current regulations.
Project Study, considering functional and aesthetic aspects, conducting planes, administrative procedures and development of a maintenance plan for the facility once the work.
We will advise you at any time on any aspect of your project.

The best professionals.
Free, no obligation quote, including presentations and infographics budgets orders, for the customer to visualize the end result of the work prior to its emergence, to analyze and propose all necessary aspects, so that the final work is of high quality.



serveis_2· We all kind of reforms, partial, Total or repairs, in homes, offices, chalets, commercial premises, hotels, apartments, etc..

· Any type of construction of buildings of new plant, terraced houses, detached houses, multi-family housing blocks, etc…

· Specialists CONCRETE WORK SEEN ( walls, Forged, pillars, etc.. ).

· Solutions to customer requirements, covering all building trades.

· Personalized study of each client and their expectations, actual execution times of the jobs.

· Our goal is to get your reform and / or construction as comfortable as possible.


· We handle all kinds of projects, visas for their respective school, for both new works, as extensions or reform.

· Once the projects submitted to the competent body, continue serving our customers, addressing possible requirements, the body to send to our customer, in relation to the project made by the technicians of our company.

· We manage applications for building permits in municipalities.

· Like all procedures relevant to achieving planning permission.